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With over 13 years of field experience, an easy to service system design, no disinfection by-products and a North American manufacturing facility, UVDynamics disinfection systems are Proven, Affordable, and Environmentally Friendly.
With flow rates ranging from 6 to 50 gallons per minute (23 to 189L/min), the UVDynamics non-certified general use disinfection series is suitable for use in homes and cottages as well as small commercial and industrial installations.
The microprocessor controlled UV power source is designed for long life and includes both visual and audio lamp failure alarms as well as an annual lamp change timer. Optional isolated low voltage solenoid drive outputs and UV monitors allow for customization to specific installation requirements. Our proprietary UV power source technology and modern, vertically integrated manufacturing facility allow us to provide these high quality, full featured products at a competitive price.

Mini Rack System

• Available with 1, 2 or 3 filter housings
• Available without filter housings
• Nominal 6 to 20 gpm (23 to 75 L/min) flow rates at 30mj UV dose
• ¾" porting
• Audio/visual lamp timer included on UV system