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Cartridge Filtration




Sediment/Odor Filters

Backwashing Filters Standard Features:

• 1” Distributor w/Upper Basket

• Time Clock Control “Clock is Simple to Set”

* GAC (chlorine, the by-products of chlorination, pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals in general)

• NEXTSAND (turbidity/cloudiness removal)



Pond/Dugout Aeration

Why Use Aeration In Your Pond Or Lake?

* Oxygen is the key to healthy water.

* Water naturally receives oxygen two ways:
- at the surface where the air and water contact each other
- from the photosynthesis of algae and plants below the water surface.

* In stagnant water there is no exchange of oxygen and water forms well
defined layers of different temperatures.

* Aeration assits in oxygenating and agitating the water.
It also prevents winter ice from sealing the pond surface,
allowing oxygen transfer.


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